Permanently Joining WordPress And I’m Glad I Did!

Hey you guys, Last week I downloaded… AGAIN the WordPress App from the Google Play store and my oh my am I happy that I did! I created my website and started blogging on it. Working on my fourth and fifth article, (almost ready to publish).

If content Is key then writing is the door.

I wanted to create a Free website that I had more “control” over. My previous website for That’sLoveForYou, became unsupported because I couldn’t afford to pay my membership dues for Wealthy Affiliates. It’s a cool program that I was fortunate and temporarily had a premium membership status with.

It taught me how to blog successfully, become a wise affiliate marketer and how to build a monetized website from scratch.

However, keeping up with those monthly fees eventually became a problem. Don’t misunderstand, Wealthy Affiliate is a Great Program, especially for beginners but if you are not able to keep up with your monthly dues, or for whatever reasons that may arise, then obviously it’s not the right learning atmosphere.

So I’m just going to be walking you through the steps that I’m taking to make things better for me. They may very well work for you too.

The problem for me is, I do not have a steady income. This is probably everyone’s problem. This is just how I’m taking certain steps to remedy my situation.

Why? Because I love to write and NOW, thanks to Wealthy Affiliates Network and the precious and extremely valuable skills, or plainly put, what I learned from those months that I spent learning on that platform. I can say that now I am familiar with building monetized websites and blogging.

Why I Quit While I Was Ahead?

When I was notified that my previous website was being closed for nonpayment of membership dues. I just let it shut down. I realized that that wasn’t the first time that that happened. In fact, it was like that happened every other month or so. I was lucky to be online for three consecutive months let alone on an educational platform such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyway, after I received the automatic notification letting me know that my websites server was being shut down, of course, I got nervous, angry and upset that all the hard work that I put in was about to disappear in a few days. I had two choices.

1. Find the $49 to pay Wealthy Affiliated, then I can pick up where I left off.


2. Let it shut down, start from scratch from s free platform, purchase my domain and upgrade later when I can afford it.

Obviously, I choose the 2nd option. You can tell because my website link still has the hyper-link WordPress-dot-com, (http://www.thatsloveforyou. wordpress.com).

Whenever I decide to purchase my domain (same thing as an upgrade), most likely really soon. For right now content is key.

Moving forward…

After the inevitable closure of my website, I then process to wait a few weeks.

Starting from scratch, I began to rebuild that very same website using WordPress… Adding content but this time around everything is different.

Right now it’s a Free site… Much like thousands of sights. However, I want to be able to make money with this one.

The ability to monetize a website only comes to upgraded websites that own their domains, and have a particular amount of organic visitors that visit and leave their web-trails, (you can probably imagine what I mean by that), but for those who Don’t know. It’s called Cookies. You can find out about that and how the Internet uses Cookies along with Analytics to gather specific information on web-surfers or people who use the Internet.

The purpose for gathering this information from visitors range from gathering numerical statistical data on to gathering specific demo-graphical information, for various purposes, with sales and educational purposes are the number in the billions and are the majority.

Don’t REALLY have to know what You Want To Do, just have to do something…

One thing I learned that stuck with me was that success eventually comes once I take action.

In the meantime, creating quality content was my main focus and apparently, I can make that happen on WordPress.

Once I figured out that I really don’t need to concern myself with how I’m going to monetize this site right now because It still needs work. At least I know EXACTLY what to do and what Not to do.

Take for instance the need for affiliate links on my site is where the money will come from

Purchasing my domain is a sooner priority rather than later.

Having the merchants doing b2b with me is another thing to consider.

See Alibaba. Com

The right merchants meaning that whatever links to whatever products and services that will be displaying on your website… on my website with the condition that in the future, what I write… What You write about will relate, (in some way), to the content on your website and this website.

So in other words, everything should relate to what you are trying to sell.

Yes… Sales and marketing are how bloggers make their money.

If content Is key then writing is the door.

In some fashion or form… That includes product and service reviews. While all of the topics covered and written about should relate in some way to my niche.

In this case, it’s everything to do with Love including those bad habits and How to accept and adjust to the loss. Which is a direct effect of love?

In some cases, I consider myself a professional especially when it comes to losing. When I lost my first That’s Love For You website, I didn’t give up even though that was an option and I’m no quitter.


When it comes to ‘Love’, I’ve got a full dose of knowledge I would like to share.

Not everyone can handle loss, and having a little bit knowledge is more than helpful. Knowing where to look? Even better and its importance is undervalued even more so, it definitely makes you powerful.

In that when we could have given up that quest on building ‘the best site ever’, yet who are determined to do it on their own and press forward.

When it comes to smart moves, WordPress has a full dose of that knowledge.

I’m confident that the creators love to share that too.

So what’s the bottom line?

I love WordPress because it just works…

•I can save lots of money.

•I can learn as I go, (if I was a newbie).

•Everything is simple and easy to follow.

•It Free, the various theme and Landscape options are perfect.

•There’s an option to upgrade, (to a paid account), better opportunity to monetize my site.

Why is monetization necessary?

People have always wanted to make things easier for themselves. It has been apparent that it’s the only way to multitask. Which is obviously how all the boss players are experiencing their successfulness online.

If you haven’t heard the phrase “Content Is Key. ” then you will… Guess what? Monetization is the damned lock.

Your priority SHOULD be to dish out as much original created content as possible.

Of course, I’m recommending WordPress… Duh…

Write and publish As much as you can. As often as you can, (try a schedule like ). Because it is what you post to your websites, whether or not you are providing a service or selling a product displayed on your site. It has to be an attractive storefront. Upgrade later on… Simple.

Any business, (that’s organized, that’s successful and has its back office in complete order, would be successful because their Merchandise is Presented at their place of business Attractively… (Promotions)…

If people like what they see, they’ll stop to make a purchase or make efforts to buy.

Most of the time, consumers either kind of know what they want or already have a generally solid idea of what they want.

It’s The Same thing with monetized websites

If your intention is to display merchant links on your website or display advertising like the pros, then your content should be helpful, interesting, spectacular, meaningful, valuable, up-to-date, recent and trendy to your readers…

Those merchants, on the other hand, are looking for how many unique visitors, who will actually click the link and buy. They judge you based on what they’re reading.

How is your blog?

Is your content helpful and interesting?

Is your website monetized yet?

What do you like to write about?

Did you/Do you have trouble selecting your niche?

Thanks for taking the time out for reading this blog post. It is my hope that the information I write about to be as helpful as possible. If you have any questions on anything or business that I mention, including how to join or about my experience there please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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What’s The Next Big Thing?

Over the last decade people have been seeing an influx of new high tech products to proudly inundate the market. All for the purpose of advancing in the technology.

Of course it seems like hundreds of new products become obsolete no sooner than they are released to the public. Only to be replaced with The Next Best Thing. But what Is the next best thing?

If you’re anything like me, you’d like to keep up with current industry trends and what’s new in the market today, 2019… Well, I know, I know, we have reached 2019 yet, but it’s coming and there’s lots of new gadgets in store!

It may seem like I’m leaping ahead of myself but I’m actually late. As new models of particular technological miracles are released to the public for general consumption and are no longer in Beta testing.

The Smart Bracelet

Enter the Smarter Bracelet. This device is as modern as it gets… That is until next year when a newer much more efficient model comes into play.

The Smart Bracelet is more like a device you’d see on a Star Trek Film or something out of a James Bond movie. HeadQuarters would have a field day issuing these as communicating devices to it’s new recruits. You’ve got to see on to believe it. However, its nothing like the photo shopped image above. Wouldn’t that be cool though?

By Trial And Terror

When buying The Next Big Thing are you looking for the next Best thing or would you settle for a knock-off?

These are both plausible questions that any wise consumer would ask before making a purchase online and off like this.

People always want to try new things and experience new experiences just so they have something to talk about. Because there’s nothing like being the first to have a test run on cool new products.

Then there are those exceptional items of merchandise that once you make your purchase, you’re surprised. But not in a good way. The product in the advertisement that you spent your hard earned cash or bitcoin on wasn’t exactly the way that it appeared in the advertisement. That’s what I call Trial by Terror.

Note For Marketers…

When your customers are searching for a product to buy they will most likely read the reviews of your previous customers and clients. They are more likely to buy based upon the reviews that were left on your website or product display advertisement.

Make sure that the product that your trying to sell is exactly as described. Leave no stones unturned here. Be very exact in your description and/or sales script/pitch. Include your download the links if any.

Always be available to respond to reviews or have someone, a friend or family member do it perhaps. It shows initiative that you are a professional and that you are willing to satisfy your customers inquisition. It’s only good customer service. Furthermore, it can turn a Trial by Terror into a wonderful lucrative sales experience.

Note For Consumers/Customers

When making your purchases whether online or on location. Make sure that you know what you want before you go in the store. Do your research. Just as you would online check where you can get the best deals because you may or may not want to settle for less when you can have more. The question here is “Why WOULD you settle for less when you can have more? ” You just have to be willing to do the leg work… Sometimes literally.

So What’s The Next Big Thing?

If you’re looking for something new the best thing to do is really look for

Awesome New Products To Support

I find that investing early on new product inventions not only helps the inventors but it teaches you how to invest. Just not investing in commerce but investing in Actual Product Merchandise, (APM). It is not just fun, its a spectacular way to really see whats new. You’ll have a chance to get in on a really lucrative adventure from the ground floor.

The products on Awesome New Products To Support is a detailed Facebook page that lists suggested product inventions that you can do just that… Support.

Oftentimes, the opportunity will Present itself for an income opportunity via your investments and support.

Also, help a new product become a big commodity in the market. Perhaps even the opportunity to help distribute those products. It all depends on how far you want to go with it and how much you want to invest.

Where do I find the cash for all this?

I know that some of you are probably thinking that you probably won’t have money to invest in a new invention. I’m letting you know that that isn’t a problem. How? You may ask…

Where to get free money to invest?

Getting Free Money to work with has never been easier.

In recent investment opportunities the minimum investment amount is $5 (five dollars), which you can earn Free Right Here Join Cash App Get $5 use Code BCPDXCQ No strings attached… Just Cash… You can generate then share your Own Cash Code BCPDXCQ by downloading the app. If someone signs up using your Redeem code, both You and that person will receive $5 just for joining. There is No limit as to how many people you can sign up

There’s also, Chime.. This app is not only Simple to use, (its FDIC insured, so are the others), and its a great bank to use for stashing money … Its perfect. You can earn $50 cash after your account receives it’s first direct deposit. Just make sure that you make your 1st direct deposit no less than $200 and it should be within 45 days after open Chime your account right here.

Chime is accepted everywhere.

But where can you get That from?

There are several Free Apps that you can use to earn that Free Money with little or no effort… Ok… Maybe as little as having a valid email and be able to check it regularly. Besides creating a profile.

Don’t have a checking account? Use Green Dot Bank…

Moving on…

Here Is The Good Part…

If you look on any link on the page. There you will see that your given an option to Contribute to fund… (All of the amazing products are in beta or are in the development processes.)

You have a choice to donate amounts from $10 up to how ever much you want to contribute to a Campaign.

Your investment is tracked and the products launching progress along with any updates regarding your supportive measures is sent to you via email.

Awesome New Products To Support was created by me as an effort to refer potential investors to amazing new products soon to be released to the public. Download the Indiegogo in-store app, visit the Awesome New Products To Support Page-Link on Facebook or click the link above. It will take you right to the ever growing list of Awesome Inventions loaded weekly.

Just For Geeks

I love it when I get called a nerd. Ok… I’d like to consider my self a nerd too. That’s good and well but a nerd can get access to anything… I think that’s pretty good. Take hackers for instance. They gain access to shortcuts that can be taken or used to gain helpful benefits.Special Items on Geek

In this case, there is an app called Geek. This App gives you access to all the latest modern technology at up to 80% off of retail prices for new products and Merchandise. Sign up for Geek here Get 50% off your next order after your first purchase! You will be surprised at how inexpensive new technology and products are these days by shopping deals like the ones on Geek .

More Free Money

Have you tried SendEarnings?

“Join Send Earnings Now Start Earning Money Performing Simple Tasks

I personally can attest to this money making opportunity. That it definitely pays off. As with all of these free money making opportunities available for you to use. So there’s no excuses. Just do it! You will be opening doors because making money is always better than spending money. Except when your spending it in the right places. Places that you get a return on your dollar invested.

Now That’s The Next Big Thing!

If you have enjoyed what you have read and are ready to make money please be sure to investigate for yourself to see what opportunities are available. These are a few to get you started!

Good Luck on Your Success & Best of Wishes to You and Yours.


The Betrayal: A Short Story by Linda Dawkins

Sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for, are the ones behind the trigger.

The Betrayal A Short Story Written by Linda Dawkins

As I sit looking at the dingey gray walls surrounding the motel room I rented out. I imagined that it was a prison or pit that I found myself in. Unable to come to terms with what happened over the past few years. Contemplating my next move. For now, it was quiet… Peace and quite.

Time and again I allowed myself to forgive the ever growing list of violations that occurred in those early days. I always told myself that the best revenge is to be happy. So I pretended to be happy be putting a smile on my face when all the while I was dying inside. How could I be in this type of shit?

A few months ago we were happy, chilling… Not a care in the world. Looking towards the future. I thought that I could never experience love to that extent. Perhaps this could all only be happening in a dream.

Thinking to myself, ” I’m always testing boundaries. ” Even after being warned by my older brother and father and after their repeated attempts to detour my intents to marry. We went ahead with. Quick, small with three witnesses. At the time I was thinking that I could always get a divorce later on down the line if it doesn’t work out. After all, being married to a man 20 years my younger? That’s a cougars nightmare.

Time and again I defended the fact that he was mature enough to handle a committed relationship when all the while I was only fooling myself.

The trouble started lingering before the marriage of course. When I was informed that my then fiancé had some sort of weird crush on my then 17 year old daughter.

He assured me and I suppose everyone else that knew about it that wasn’t the case. After all, “How could I even think like that? ” he says.

I should have taken it all in and gave up then. But as time passed I slowly realized that People never change… They just become more of who they really were and knowing this sucks big time.

Imagine the disappointment I felt when I was blatantly told, with as much vulgar cruelty that you aren’t your husbands wife.

Imagine coming face 2 face with your nemesis. The person whom you thought loved you actually hated you. Imagine the sudden change in the perspective of the eye… The look of compassion turns to disdain…

You know that look where you Know for certain that the person you once loved, probably Still do, doesn’t love you anymore, bluntly put hates you. You can tell. You can see it in their eyes. That’s The betrayal.

That feeling you get that moment when your best friend becomes your worst enemy.

Please add a comment and share if you enjoyed this short story. I welcome any thoughts, feelings, advice or wisdom that this story may have brought you. Thank you for visiting this website.


Am I Afraid To Get My Heart Broken Again?

Love is scary. But its good too. We have an opportunity to either be absolutely stricken with it or completely broken from it. It can build us up or bring us down if we let it. When we are on good terms with it, we can experience feelings of joy so profound that people have written some really beautiful poetry about it and the lively feelings that come along with experiencing Loves Good Side. But what about the other side of love. You know the side that hurts. We’ve all felt the pains of heartbreak at some point in life. So the feeling is quite common.

Am I Afraid To Get My Heart Broken Again?

“Don’t give up. There are too many nay-sawyers out there who will try to discourage you. Don’t listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself. “

I have heard people say that they gave up on love and won’t even go out anymore because of some really bad experiences. They consider that they are not compatible with whomever they’ve had feelings for. Sometimes you have to go through a broken heart but that doesn’t mean to accept those as an indication that you’ll never be in a serious relationship that you’ll receive an equal amount or more from a future love interest.

Do Others Affect Your Attitude Towards Love?

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you will let the negative words of others affect your attitude towards love. To love someone, not just to love but to love them unconditionally for is a choice that we make from moment to moment and from day to day.

Those who love without restrictions, conditions or debate are well aware that life is short to hate anyone. They choose to forgive easily and often. Even love that someone making them smile often and tries to do everything that makes them happy.

Furthermore, when a person truly loves someone, of course they’d miss them so much when they’re not around but just because someone left, doesn’t mean that happiness is gone. Happiness doesn’t depend on anybody or anything. It actually depends on no one but ourselves.

How Much Do You Love Yourself?

“There are two types of people in the world:

1. Those who wouldn’t mind to be sad with friends family and acquaintances.

2. Those who prefer to be sad alone.

When some people are sad, the tendency to never trust people from what they say, and only trusting them from what they do with this weakness. (Yes, sadness is a weakness). Everyone will experience sadness at some point in there life. If they say they haven’t they have not been truthful with themselves.

The questions here are…

How much do you love Yourself?

Can we really say who made an impact on our lives?

It’s not usually until later when we look back on our lives, years later to see who, in our lives that we can remember that we have completely forgotten.

The beauty of life doesn’t depend on how happy you were but it truly depends on how happy others were because of you.

Ever day Should be one of those good ol’ days you’ll be talking about someday in your future. So you should always do something that would make you smile when you look back on some later date.

You can ask yourself several questions like this and really find the answers you need. Writing the answers down or documenting in a journal will be just as sufficient. Questions like,

How much do you love your friends, church, spouse, boss, children, mother, father, parents, sister, brother, music, school even grandchildren?

All have answers. Everyone’s answers should be very different. Some people won’t fit in these categories but if you’re truthful with yourself, you can still place yourself into these categories and answer how would like see yourself if you were in these states of being.

The heart is more powerful than any other body part when it comes to being able to handle heart break. It may be delicate and age over time but it has the strength to bare our emotion burdens and the emotional burdens of many others, yet remain intact. What ever you do, don’t let your mind rule over your heart.

If you enjoyed this read, please share your comments below. I welcome any comments or questions Thank you for visiting my blog.

By Linda Dawkins